A Medical Breakthrough– 1st Time Ever

Feline Leukemia (FeLv) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)(similar to HIV/AIDS in humans) are now treatable for the first time ever. These two diseases are the most common, life-threatening infectious diseases in cats, especially cats allowed outdoors and stray cats. Although there is a vaccine against FeLv, it must be given each year. There is no vaccine for FIV. Once a cat contracts either one of these diseases their lives change, forever. A large number of them die, and those that due survive suffer with a suppressed immune system. This makes them very susceptible to many other infections, a shorter life span, and even certain cancers. Up until now, these diseases were considered incurable. As recently as last month, June 22rd, 2011, many veterinarians were alerted to a medical breakthrough, and were given instructions how and where to order this medical treatment. The treatment is not considered a “cure” but is referred to as an “aid” to the cats defense system. The medicine is known as LTCI , and it works by stimulating the cats immune system and thus its ability to fight infection. This stimulus allows the bone marrow and thymus gland to produce more of a certain type of white blood cell known as the CD4 lymphocyte. These CD4 lymphocytes are like stem cells for the immune system. These cells produce “cytokines” which then cause production of another cell known as the CD8 lymphocyte. These are the main “killer” cells that go to the infection sites, gobble up bacteria, find and destroy viruses in the body, and also kill cancer cells. The administration of the LTCI medication is by a simple injection given several times the first month, then every other week the second month, and then once a month thereafter, for as long as needed based upon the cats individual response and health status. This is the first time veterinarians in small animal clinical medicine, such as myself, have a weapon to help combat these two terrible diseases and stop the suffering.