Breakfast or Dinner Best For Your Dog

There are many ways of feeding your dog. Some feed “on demand” which means leaving food out all day so when the dog is hungry the food is readily available. Other methods of feeding are more in line with the way we eat. That is offer breakfast, or lunch, or dinner or a combination of these meals. It has classically been recommended that as puppies mature the number of meals decrease from 3 a day to 1 a day and usually that the 1 a day meal is usually in the evening. It also has been classically thought that a hungry dog is more attentive and easier to train, especially when food is being offered as a reward. Recently a study was conducted by researchers at the University of Kentucky to determine which of these meals is the most important or if there no difference. They tested what is known as “Cognitive Performance”. By definition, Cognitive means “pertaining to the mental process of perception, memory, judgement and reasoning.” They used this performance test to see which of these meals had the greatest influence on trained dogs performance. The results are surprising. Especially when you realize that they asked trained dogs to locate and retrieve food 30 minutes after they ate a meal. The results showed, without question, that breakfast is the most important meal as far as aiding cognitive performance. We have all been taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The calories consumed provide energy for our bodies as well as our brain. Well this study proves that the same is true for our domesticated canine friends.