Household Products: Watch Out (PART 1)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published reports that states the air inside the typical home is on the average 2-5 times more polluted than the air outside. In extreme cases, this number can be as high as 100 times more contaminated. This large variation is strictly related to the type of household cleaners and pesticides you use, and where you reside. Some of these cleaning products are loaded with harmful chemicals and the EPA estimates that at least 50% of indoor pollution is the direct result of these products. Many prestigious research organizations, including the MIT/Harvard Broad Institute, the Animal Cancer Foundation, the Mayo Clinic, and the Morris Animal Foundation have published reports that one in four dogs will die or be euthanized because of cancer. Cancer is the No.1 cause of disease-relate d death in dogs over the age of two. These numbers have been substantiated in Locust Valley and the surrounding towns on the North Shore. Rarely does a day pass when we do not make the diagnosis of some sort of cancer in a dog or cat. Many can be saved with surgery. Some we can help with Chemo or radiation, but the fact remains that we see a lot of it. The cause has never been definitely discovered. We know genetics plays a role, but what about all these chemicals and pesticides? Most of our pets live indoor most of the time, especially in the colder months. Dogs and cats have a much more rapid metabolism, breathe more rapidly, and have smaller lungs so they are at great risk. They are also directly on our lawns, more than us, which leaves them more susceptible to pesticides. Stay away from cleaning products that contain phenols, ethylene glycol, formaldehyde, petroleum based solvents, chlorethylene and ethoxylate. There are many more. Use “Green” or Organic products only and lawn products that state “safe for pets”.