Pet Tips: Horse Slaughter & ASPCA

The ASPCA was founded in 1866 after its founder, Henry Bergh, saw a cruel carriage driver beating his horse. Now, over 140 years later, the ASPCA is still the main organization in the animal welfare cause. The following is a reprint of an email I received from them titled: “Keep Horses Off the Killing Floor”.

“Horses are our pets, our workmates, our sport companions, our friends. They helped build our nation. They’re not raised to be food because we don’t eat them. So how is that more than 150,000 U.S. horses—retired racers to show ponies to wild mustangs—get sent abroad to slaughter every year? And with a staggering 80% of Americans opposed to horse slaughter, how is it possible that this gruesome industry hasn’t yet been banned nationwide? Horse slaughter is barbaric and cruel—it should never be confused with humane euthanasia. The ASPCA is fighting this grisly industry, and countless other forms of animal cruelty, but we can’t do it without your help. DONATE NOW. Our immediate task is to block the resumption of U.S. horse slaughter. We made great progress last Thursday (May 22, 2014) when language to renew the ban on using tax dollars to fund horse meat inspections cleared its first hurdle by passing the Senate Appropriations Committee. But there’s more work to do. The ASPCA is pushing for the passage of the SAFE Act, a bill that will ban horse slaughter in all 50 states as well as ban export of our horses to other countries for slaughter. Until the U.S. enacts a permanent, nationwide ban on horse slaughter, the ASPCA will be there to fight for horses. Please consider donating to the ASPCA to support our efforts to end horse slaughter and protect other companion animals from lives of suffering and abuse.”

The ASPCA is located at 424 East 92 St. New York City, New York 10128. Their phone # is 212-876-7700. To learn more go to