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What kind of water is best for your pet?

There are basically five kinds of water: Spring water, Well water, Tap water, Bottled water and Distilled water. Spring and well water comes from the earths aquifer, rain and melting ice, tap water from rain water stored in reservoirs, bottled water from commercial companies and distilled water also from commercial companies. Spring and well water is the most natural, and if not bottled it is unfiltered and untreated. Tap water is treated with fluoride and other chemicals and is also filtered. Bottled water is not only filtered but many impurities are also removed by chemical processes. This depends on what company is producing it. Lastly, distilled water is made by boiling regular water and capturing the steam under pressure, into sterile containers. By doing this, most impurities and important electrolytes and minerals are also removed. If you go “online” there are many conflicting articles about the benefits and hazards of distilled water. This ranges from treating urinary tract infections, causing urinary infections and stones, causing and/or treating cardiac disease, and even tear stains, etc. Now, which one is best for your pets? Well that depends on how extensive your research is. It is controversial. Spring water, which is fresh water from springs, is not so fresh as one might think. Animals urinate and defecate in those rivers “upstream” that become springs “downstream”. In fact, even in Canada, the ice melt water coming directly from the polar ice cap has impurities and tastes of sulfa. Well water is from the earths aquifer and has a natural filter. However, it still is not always safe to drink it. In general, the safest water is using any source of water suited for human consumption, filtered and treated. The general consensus of my research is distilled water is NOT recommended. Although most electrolytes and minerals important for goo d health are found in all commercially prepared dog and cat foods, many pets do not get balanced diets. Drinking regular water is not only important for proper hydration but is also a source for these necessary minerals and electrolytes that your pet might not get if he/she is a finicky eater. Remember, always provide ample fresh drinking water for your pets on a daily basis, the same water that you drink.