Knockoffs and FDA Warning

Well the “Knockoff” industry has found Veterinary Medicine. The pharmaceutical industry for human and veterinary drugs is a huge multi billion dollar industry. It was just a matter of time before drugs used in the veterinary medical field would be affected, unfortunately. There are illegal “knockoffs” out in the market for just about everything, from name brand pocket books, watches, sneakers, golf clubs, tennis rackets, human medications and now veterinary products, etc. On a recent special about “knockoffs” on TV, they even showed automobile knockoffs. Not only have antibiotics been affected, but life sustaining drugs such as insulin and Phenobarbital, tick and flea medications, heartworm medications and deworming products. PLEASE NOTE: The CDC has just this year (2011) recommended that all dogs be protected against ticks 12 months a year, not just from April to December, because Lyme Disease is on the increase in the Northeast in HUMANS. With “Global Warming” and the Indian Summers in the winters these last few years, ticks are out there all year long. Dogs can bring them into the house and humans are susceptible. ALSO, on February 20, 2009, the Federal Drug Administration released a warning about buying drugs online. They found certain companies were selling unapproved pet drugs, selling counterfeit pet products, making fraudulent claims, selling prescription drugs without the required prescription, and selling expired drugs by repackaging them with a new expiration date. Many of these are dangerous drugs and should only be used with a veterinarians approval and prescription. Many products require blood testing the patient before and during their use, and if used improperly they can cause serious problems and even death. Please be aware that manufacturers do not guarantee their products if bought online because of repackaging problems, lack of prescription, and now the “knockoff” problem. In general, all veterinarians purchase directly from the manufacturer in small enough quantities that ensure long expiration dates and freshness.